JellyFish Pillow


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Introducing the JellyFish Pillow.

The ideal pillow for asthma, allergy and eczema sufferers.

Dust mite free. Mould free. Bacteria free. Fungi free.

Sensitive Choice Approved.

*Please note that JellyFish Pillows are dispatched from Brisbane and may arrive at separate times with purchased in conjunction with a JellyFish Mattress.



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Introducing the JellyFish Pillow – the next Allergy, Asthma, Eczema and Dust Mite free product from JellyFish!

Your mattress isn’t the only item in your bed that dust mites love to live in, in fact after one year of use, 10 percent to 15 percent of your pillow’s weight may be made up of dust-mite waste.

The JellyFish Pillow is made from polyurethane foam and uses the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial treatment Ultra-Fresh to keep your pillow allergy, asthma, eczema and dust mite free!

Through the Ultra-Fresh treatment, your JellyFish Pillow inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi, giving the House Dust Mite no food source and unable to live, making this the ideal pillow for allergy, asthma and eczema sufferers.

You can even take your JellyFish Pillow everywhere with you! The pillow comes in a travel case so you don’t have to have another night’s sleep on a pillow full of dust mites!


The JellyFish Pillow comes with a 100% cotton cover and is a standard shaped pillow with a medium profile and medium firmness. The ventilation holes allow for air flow ensuring the pillow stays cool while you sleep.

Size: 76cm x 44cm x 15cm

 Care Instructions: 

JellyFish Pillow:

The JellyFish Pillow is made from Polyurethane Foam which means it is unable to be machine washed, handwashed or tumbled dried otherwise it will lose its shape.

As the JellyFish Pillow is treated with Ultra-Fresh it inhibits the mould, bacteria and fungi that would typically grow in untreated pillows and cause dust mites. This treatment means that you do not need to wash your pillow and instead simply leave it in direct sunlight to air. If fluid enters the pillow lightly dab to dry.

JellyFish Pillow Case:

The pillow case on your JellyFish Pillow is made from 100% cotton. This means the pillow case must be handwashed and line dried.

Do not bleach, iron dry clean or tumble dry your JellyFish Pillow Case.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions76 × 46 × 15 cm