Jellyfish Mattress

About the Mattress

Our Allergy, Asthma & Eczema Mattress 

As one of the many 4.1million Australians suffering from allergies, asthma and eczma, we designed, developed and manufactured an Australian Made mattress that scientifically proven to reduce allergy symptoms caused by dust mite allergens.  

After many months of testing, trialling and researching different foams we produced an ideal mattress that has the perfect level of support, comfort and hygienic properties required for an anti-allergy mattress. 

  1. The Dunlop foam inside our JellyFish is approved by the Sensitive Choice® initiative of the National Asthma Council Australia
  2. We are proudly Australian made and owned
  3. We have a superior product that has an antimicrobial treatment – Ultra-Fresh that provides protection for a longer lasting hygienic mattress!

Our open-celled, all foam mattress prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi and colonies of dust mites, all of which have been linked to irritate allergies, asthma attacks and eczema.

We understand that you are tired of waking up with itchy eyes, rashes and sore throats! We can’t wait for you to try and wake up refreshed on our JellyFish Mattress!


Research & Testing

Through rigorous research and testing, we not only know you will have the most comfortable sleep, but by treating all of our JellyFish foams with Ultra-Fresh PF-1 we’ve been able to prove our JellyFish Mattress

Try Us For 90 Nights Risk Free!

Our all foam, allergy free, dual density supportive mattress comprises of a full body support layer which evenly distributes body weight, while the top layer supports and prevents you from sinking into the bed. This allows for minimal partner disturbance, comfort and durability.

We know you’ll love it! But just in case it’s not perfect in every way… we’ve got some additional extras to make sure you get the best night’s sleep.

  1. Want pressure relief while you sleep? You can add a memory foam pressure relief topper with cooling beads!
  2. If the mattress is too soft, you can can flip it to the firmer side!
  3. If it is too firm for you, a soft cushioning topper is available!
  4. All of our toppers are Australian made and treated with Ultra-Fresh PF-1 for an allergy free sleep

 We’ve got all your sleep needs covered.