NDIS Assistive Technology

JellyFish Mattress & JellyBag


JellyFish Bedding & Mattresses NDIS Registration ID: 4-433c-3632

Classes: Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety.


JellyFish Bedding and Mattresses are an approved & registered NDIS provider. Our JellyFish Mattress, Pillow and JellyBags are classified as basic Assistive Technology and are safe to use, simple to install and low-cost.

Our approved product range can be purchased and paid for quickly if you self manage (you look after your NDIS funding yourself) or if you work with a Plan Management Agency.

If you are working with a Plan Management Agency and require a quote to purchase it is as easy as emailing us at info@jellyfishmattress.com with your product request or contacting us through the NDIS portal.

To take a further look at how the NDIS funds your equipment such as JellyFish Mattresses, Pillows & JellyBags click and have a read of this link 

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