Australia, JellyFish is ready for your bedroom!

After a year of testing and trialling different grades of foams we finally found the perfect combination for your great night’s sleep. Available for delivery in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, JellyFish Mattresses are the Australia’s best allergy free, asthma free and eczema free mattress.

JellyFish will have you sleeping easy and breathing easy through the night as we have 99.6% eliminated the house dust mite from your mattress. By using the highest quality Dunlop Foam ,which has been treated with Ultra-Fresh, this antimicrobial treatment keeps your mattress mould, fungi and bacteria free – ultimately eliminating the food source for dust mites!

Recent studies have shown that 1 in 9 Australian’s suffer from asthma and 1 in 3 Australasian’s will suffer from eczema at a stage in their life. As Australian’s who have a family that suffers from allergies and asthma, we did our research to try and find a suitable mattress so we weren’t constantly waking up with itchy eyes and sore throats. We were up looking at blogs, Facebook Groups and researching the internet and couldn’t believe that we couldn’t find a mattress to suit! That’s when we decided to manufacture our own.

Our JellyFish Mattress ensures that the most common allergic trigger for asthma – the house dust mite – does not sleep with you during that night so that you can get the quality night’s sleep that you deserve!

You could have that great night’s sleep as fast as tomorrow, simply order online before 1pm to receive your mattress the following day if you live in a metro area!

We can’t wait to start making your sleep better Australia!

*Allergy, Asthma, Eczema Friendly Mattress