Good Sleep Hygiene

We all hear a lot about how important sleep is for our daily health, mental health and all over wellbeing but what is good sleep hygiene? Well we have done some research, and this is what we found. Here are some good tips:

  1. Try and go to bed about the same time every night this helps to keep your body in a routine
  2. No caffeine before bed at least 2 hours prior as the stimulants stop you feeling sleepy.
  3. Don’t try and sleep on an empty stomach – have a small snack or beverage if possible
  4. Exercise is important if you can manage to fit in some exercise during the day it will help you feel tired at night.
  5. Get a great mattress – we have that covered! A Jellyfish Mattress is super comfortable and chiropractic approved so its great for whole body support.
  6. Regular washing of your linen is important to help reduce dust mites, odour and bacteria in your bed
  7. Have the right pillow, we all know sleep can be impossible on an uncomfortable pillow so make sure you pick the correct pillow for the way you sleep

Important Facts

Eliminating bacteria, fungi, mould and dust-mites from your bed and bedroom is essential for good sleep hygiene, every JellyFish mattress is treated with Ultra Fresh during the manufacturing process. This inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi from skin cells and fluids which is what the house dust-mites use to live and breed.

Whether you have an allergy to dust mites or not is irrelevant, spending eight hours each day of your life in an area filled with bacteria, mould, fungi and microscopic animals that are living and breeding is not only disgusting but bad for your health. Continuous exposure can bring on allergy symptoms e.g. itchy eyes/nose, sneezing, watery/puffy eyes and in people who already sufferer from allergy if this persists, lung damage can result. Untreated dust- mite allergies also pose the risk for recurring health issues which include skin, ear and nasal discomfort and infection.

So do your body and mind a favour and get a JellyFish Mattress for the most comfortable “Sleep Hygiene” you have ever experienced.