During our recent giveaway promotion which involved regular Aussies telling us what they dislike about their current mattress, to win a new JellyFish mattress, (competition still running till 6th March 2018) There was an overwhelming number of folks who said the springs in their mattress were hurting their back.

So we thought we might so a bit of research on the subject matter of innerspring mattresses in general (Australia and overseas)and compare them to full foam mattresses – and I mean open celled all foam mattress made here in Australia, not Latex, not memory foam, not hybrids, and not mattresses imported from overseas.

*According to The Sleep Help Institute these are some of the issues people had with their innerspring mattresses:

Premature sagging and shorter lifespan

Innerspring mattresses are prone to sagging, especially around the edges where the coils can be easily indented. This gives them the shortest lifespan among all mattress types, on average.

Poor contour ability and pressure point relief

Innerspring beds do not contour to the body and thus do not offer sufficient pressure point relief for many sleepers, causing many individuals to feel an innerspring bed is too firm.

Poor motion isolation

While the coil support core offers support, it makes for a bed that doesn’t absorb motion well. As a result, innerspring beds are a poor fit for light sleepers, especially those who share the bed with a partner or pet who may move a lot during the night.

Our JellyFish Foam Mattresses may not be the perfect fit for everyone, but we can promise you the following:

  • You will never have anything digging into your back disrupting your sleep – only cushioning and supportive foams
  • There are no pockets (pocket springs) for dust-mites to feed, breed and multiply in – Allergy, Asthma and Eczema Friendly
  • Pressure point relief – Our dual density mattress is softer on top and firmer on the bottom, so you can flip it to the side that suits you best

With almost zero partner disturbance (which also mean very little bounce) you will not be woken by your partner’s movements during your sleep.


Graph results from bed owner’s experiences & reviews from “Sleep like the Dead”

So give our Australian Made, Allergy Free, Dual Density, all foam mattress a try and decide for yourself!

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