JellyFish Mattress Review from Chiropractor Dr Sean Dillon



Dr Sean Dillon is a registered chiropractor that has a wealth of experience within Australia and overseas. Dr Dillon has acquired training and education through multiple organisations include the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC), one of Europe’s premier chiropractic college’s.

As a chiropractor I am regularly asked to recommend a mattress.

In the past my simple answer is that you require a firm supportive mattress which supports the body and spine, with a good quality separate memory foam topper that is not sewn onto the mattress.

The dual density layering system incorporated in the Jelly Fish Mattress provides exactly that. The supportive foam layer provides the firmness to hold and support the body and spine, whilst the top layer allows accommodation of the body’s shape thus maintaining spinal alignment.

Partner disturbance is eliminated with the Jelly Fish Mattress preventing mattress sagging and body misalignment.

The removable and washable cover is not quilted, unlike standard mattress toppers, this allows the top layer to provide reactive support without being compromised by the restriction of the sewing and cross hatching.

If this is not enough, the mattresses are manufactured in Australia and avoid toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of many other foam mattresses. In addition they are endorsed by the National Asthma council.

I fully endorse the Jelly Fish Mattress and have been enjoying increased sleep, comfort and support of one for the last few months.

Dr Séan Paul Dillon MChiro


My chronic shoulder injury has not felt so good for years, the Jelly Fish Matress has decreased the pressure of side sleeping and greatly reduced the pain and symptoms associated with it.

Side sleeping requires a bed to give at the hip and shoulder region whilst providing support through the trunk area to maintain spinal alignment.

Back sleeping requires a firm support throughout the length of the body and spine.

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