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The Dangers Of Mould To Your Health

The Dangers of Mould to your Health Flooding and Mould – Townsville Flood Dangers The most common allergic triggers of asthma are house dust-mites, pets, pollen and mould. Continued exposure to indoor and outdoor areas that are damp and have mould can trigger asthma...

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Is Your Pet Making Your Allergies Worse?

Is your pet making your allergies worse? Well its quite possible, we have some information that may help, so read on….. Can pets make your allergies worse? Some people are allergic to pets or have asthma that is triggered by pet allergens. For these people, breathing...

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*Asthma and related chronic conditions

Asthma and related chronic conditions Many people with asthma have other chronic diseases and long-term conditions. These are referred to as comorbidities (co-mor-bid-it-ies) —two or more health problems presenting at the same time. For people with asthma, having a...

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Thunderstorm Asthma

Thunderstorm Asthma Approximately 1 in 4 people with hay fever also have asthma, many people with hay fever due to grass pollen allergy can get wheeze or chest tightness in the spring and summer season. This is likely to be asthma triggered by grass pollen allergy...

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Managing Your Asthma This Spring

Spring is here again and all asthma sufferers know it! Read our JellyFish blog as we talk all things spring asthma and different ways you can help prevent it. Asthma Week 1st-7th September 2018.

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Sleeping with back pain

4 ways to overcome sleeping with back pain If you have it, you know how difficult it can be sleeping with back pain. Whether it is upper, lower back or even discomfort from your neck or legs, sometimes it’s impossible to get comfortable in bed. Here are a few tips...

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Is your Mattress Making You Sick?

We have the answers for you... Bedrooms are usually homes for dust mites who live in dust and warm areas full of moisture. They feed on our shed skin cells, fungi, animal dander, mould, and bacteria. They then produce allergens that cause all sorts of allergy issues...

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