Frequently Asked Questions About The Popular JellyFish Mattress

Anti Microbial Mattress

General Questions

What is in a JellyFish Mattress?
JellyFish has manufactured a unique open-celled and anti-microbial all foam mattress that keeps your bed fresh, clean and bacteria free!

This all foam, supportive mattress comprises of a full body, support foam layer which evenly distributes your body weight, while the top layer supports without pushing against pressure points, and prevents your body sinking into the bed. This allows zero partner disturbance, comfort and durability.

Our mattress features Australian foams with anti-microbial and house dust mite protection by incorporating our Ultra-Fresh treatment in the manufacturing process.

I have allergies and asthma, is this mattress suitable?
Then our JellyFish Mattress is perfect for you! JellyFish has manufactured Australia’s first allergy free mattress!

Through incorporating the Ultra-Fresh Treatment through our foam we have been able prove that our JellyFish Mattress:

  • Provides effective control of micro-organism growth including bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi
  • Has lasting hygienic freshness
  • Resists deterioration and degrading caused by fungi and bacteria
  • Effectively inhibits dust mite populations
  • Has longer life than untreated products
  • Provides effective odour protection
Why is the JellyFish Mattress so good?
  • The foams we use in our mattresses are endorsed by National Asthma Council – Sensitive Choice
  • We have a superior product being carefully treated with Anti-Microbial Ultra Fresh providing protection for a longer lasting, fresher mattress
  • 10-year warranty on our mattress
  • 30-night risk free trial
  • Free delivery in Australian capital city metro areas

Being Australian we have allergies too, as we were unable to find a suitable mattress for our allergy needs we designed our own. We love Australia and are so proud to bring our mattress to the marketing to help with 4.1 million Australians suffering from allergies to have a well-deserved, good night’s sleep that is allergy free.

Why choose JellyFish Mattress?
JellyFish Bedding and Mattresses understand how you and your family depend on a good night’s sleep for your health and wellbeing. Our history in the Australian furniture manufacturing industry has allowed us to develop a mattress that ensures a refreshing nights sleep by alleviating the cause of allergens and asthma reactions in your mattress.

JellyFish is a 100% Australian owned and operated company with warehouses across Australia. Because our mattresses are locally manufactured, we have strict quality control measures in place and are proud to be proving secure jobs for Australian and supporting other local small businesses.

Where can I try the JellyFish Mattress?
We understand the only way to try a mattress in your own home and you don’t get the full experience by only laying down for 10minutes in a showroom. That’s why we’ve created our 30-night free sleep trial, for your body to discover and love our JellyFish Mattress.
What is the 30-day sleep trial?

A foam mattress may seem like an unfamiliar experience at first, they differ from innerspring mattresses as they don’t bounce, and the support provided feels a little different, so we have a 30-night trial period for your body to transition and love your new JellyFish Mattress.

During your 30-night trial if you experience any of the following please contact us and we are more than happy to discuss some solutions with you:

  • The mattress is too firm
  • The mattress is too soft
  • The mattress is too hot
What base can I use for my JellyFish Mattress?
JellyFish foam mattresses are compatible with most bed bases, and it’s likely that your new JellyFish Mattress will work perfectly on your existing base.

JellyFish mattresses do not require any sort of additional support or suspension from a bed base so traditional slatted frame is ideal for the mattress. If you currently have a wooden slatted base, we recommend that the gaps should be no wider than 7cm apart.


What does the 10-year warranty cover?
Our Australian made products are backed by a 10-year warranty for their intended use, under normal usage and to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Our warranty covers but is not limited to: A visible level of dipping in the mattress (caused by body impression) greater than 20mm on the top layer of foam.

This refers to an indent that is visible when no weight is applied to the top of the mattress, or any physical flaw in the foam that causes it to split or crack or any manufacturing defect in the mattress cover such as the fabric tearing or stitching unravelling with normal use.

I get warm at night; can the JellyFish Mattress help that?
JellyFish have designed a cooling foam topper filled with little cooling beads to reduce heat. We understand Australian summers and weather and as a result have created an easy solution!
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Ordering & Delivery

How does my JellyFish Mattress arrive?
Our Australian factory has created modern technology that safely compresses, rolls and seals your mattress into a box ready to be delivered to you.
How long will it take for my mattress to arrive?
Purchases are dispatched within 24 hours of payment Monday – Friday and delivery in metro areas of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Our mattresses are delivered by TNT and are usually next day delivery for orders placed by 13.00 Monday – Friday excluding public holidays.

We currently do not have a warehouse in Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra or Tasmania and orders are sent from the closest capital city. If you are out of the metro area of a capital city mentioned, delivery times may extend to 3 – 5 days or even 5 – 7 days depending on your location and limited freight options to rural areas.

Do you offer financing?
Yes we do! It’s as easy as selecting the AfterPay or ZipMoney payment option on your check out. Simply fill out the application form in a matter of minutes.
Where do we ship to?
We can ship to anywhere in Australia!
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping to all Australian Metro areas is free!

There may be a delivery fee for far regional areas within Australia, for a quote please email or call 0412 524 460.

Do you ship to a PO Box?
No unfortunately we don’t.
How do I track my order?
When your delivery is placed online, TNT will email you a tracking code for which you will be able to watch your JellyFish Mattress find its way home to you.
Do I need to be home when my delivery arrives?
You will need to be home to accept and sign for your delivery as proof of your mattress being delivered. However, if you miss the delivery, TNT will leave a card at your house for which you can then go online or call TNT to reorganise a delivery time better suited for you.
Can I choose when to have my mattress delivered?
If you would like your mattress delivered outside the usual delivery timeframe, simply give us a call on +61 412 524 460 and we can organise your purchase over the phone with a specific delivery date for you.
Can I change my delivery address/order?
Your delivery address or order will be able to be changed so long as your item has not been dispatched from our warehouse.

When Your Mattress Arrives

What do I do when it arrives?
  1. Pop your JellyFish Mattress box in the room that you will be setting your mattress up in.
  2. Unpack the mattress from the box and lay it out on your bedframe.
  3. Use the special JellyFish opener to cut open the plastic and watch the JellyFish Mattress expand before your eyes!
How do I tell the firm side of the mattress from the medium side?
It’s very easy – simply unzip the cover to show the two layers of foam. The firm side is the thicker piece of foam so if you prefer a firmer mattress undress the mattress, flip it to your preferred side and redress the mattress with the cover.
Can I use my mattress the same day as it is delivered/unpacked?
Yes – you can hop into bed straight away! After releasing your mattress, the foam will require 48 hours to expand back to its original size after being vacuum sealed, but you can use your mattress immediately.
What is the return policy?
If you wish to return your mattress after the 30-night trial period, please follow the simple procedure below so we can review your return or warranty claim. Contact must be initiated with the 30-night trial period.

Simply send us written confirmation of the below items via email or post.

  1. Invoice for proof of purchase
  2. Name and description of goods
  3. Brief outline / description of what you think the problem or fault is that should be covered by warranty or reason for return
  4. Pictures of the product are also needed as part of the claim or returns process images must be clear and include:
    – Where the mattress is being used
    – Picture of the base it is used on
    – Clear image of the top, bottom and sides of the mattress
    – Picture of the fault if a warranty is being claimed

Send this information to:
Email: Subject Line : Returns and Warranties
Post: PO Box 1543, Carindale Qld 4152 (warranties and returns department)

Can I review JellyFish?
Yes we love to hear about all of your experiences with JellyFish. Click here to share your story with us! You can also follow us and share your stories on our Facebook and Instagram.

Mattress Care

Do I need to rotate my JellyFish Mattress?
One benefit to an all foam mattress is the ease of not having to rotate your mattress!
How do I clean my mattress?
Our JellyFish Mattress is treated with Ultra-Fresh which prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi. Ultra-Fresh keep your mattress constantly fresh, clean and bacteria free!

Your mattress cover can be kept clean by machine washing however be sure not to dry in the dryer and only hang dry.