Our Allergy Friendly Mattress!

As one of the many 4.1million Australians suffering from allergies, we could not find an allergy friendly mattress that was designed to help with asthma, eczema or dust mite allergies. We were up late looking through Facebook groups, blogs and all over the internet for recommendations for an allergy free mattress and eventually after find nothing to suit. We thought why not create our own? So we did!

One year on after many hours of testing, trialling and researching different foams we are very proud to have designed the JellyFish Mattress. So proud that we can’t wait to show you how good our mattress really is.

  1. The Dunlop foam inside our JellyFish is approved by the Sensitive Choice® initiative of the National Asthma Council Australia.
  2. We are proudly Australian made and owned
  3. We have a superior product that has an antimicrobial treatment – Ultra-Fresh that provides protection for a longer lasting hygienic mattress!

Our open-celled, all foam mattress prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi and colonies of dust mites, all of which have been linked to irritate allergies, asthma attacks and eczema.

We understand that you are tired of waking up with itchy eyes, rashes and sore throats! We can’t wait for you to try and wake up refreshed on our JellyFish Mattress!

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