You deserve quality sleep, free from allergies at a great price!

At JellyFish we are passionate about sleep that matters.

We couldn't find an allergy free foam mattress either

We knew there had to be a better way. So we created one.

Your new mattress will feel right at home

You don’t need to buy a new bed when you buy a new JellyFish mattress

Proudly Australian made and owned

Our superior foam mattresses are locally manufactured to strict environmental certifications, with our base layer being approved by GECA

Best mattress for allergies


Our all foam, allergy free, dual density supportive mattress comprises of a full body support layer which evenly distributes body weight, while the top layer supports and prevents you from sinking into the bed. This allows for minimal partner disturbance, comfort and durability.

We know you’ll love it! But just in case it’s not perfect in every way… we’ve got some additional extras to make sure you get the best night’s sleep.

  • Want pressure relief while you sleep? You can add a memory foam pressure relief topper with cooling beads!
  • If the mattress is too soft, you can can flip it to the firmer side!
  • If it is too firm for you, a soft cushioning topper is available!
  • All of our toppers are Australian made and treated with Ultra-Fresh PF-1 for an allergy free sleep

We’ve got all your sleep needs covered.

Research and testing

Through rigorous research and testing, we not only know you will have the most comfortable sleep, but by treating all of our JellyFish foams with Ultra-Fresh PF-1 we’ve been able to prove our JellyFish Mattress:

  • Provides effective control of micro-organism growth including bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi
  • Has lasting hygienic freshness
  • Resists deterioration and degrading caused by fungi and bacteria
  • Effectively inhibits dust mite populations
  • Has a longer life than untreated products and;
  • Provides effective odour protection.

How we have developed our JellyFish allergy free mattress:

  • Extensive successful testing of Ultra-Fresh PF-1 in foams by Thompson Research Associates – a global leader in antimicrobial protection since 1955
  • A removable cover which is untreated for anyone who may have sensitivities
  • Local Australian manufacturing of our foams to ensure quality and safety
  • Combined over 50 years experience in the furniture and manufacturing industry in Australia

To achieve optimal allergy reduced results, please remember to regularly wash and treat your bed linen, pillows etc. as recommended by your health care professional.


Best mattress for allergies

Allergy Free Australian made and Ultra-Fresh treated, dual density layered JellyFish Mattress.

Shop easy. Unpack Easy. Sleep Easy!

Best allergy mattress

Your new mattress will feel right at home

You don’t need to buy a new bed when you buy a new JellyFish mattress

Your JellyFish Mattress will work perfectly on your existing base.

JellyFish Mattresses do not require additional support or suspension from a bed base (e.g. ensemble) – so traditional slated bed frames are ideal for your mattress allowing it to breath. Please do not sleep on your mattress on the floor – JellyFish mattresses are not designed to be placed directly onto any flooring or hard surface as they require airflow and circulation.

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