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Winter for many of us with allergies is painful to say the least. Many people confuse their hay fever or dust mite allergy with the common cold, the symptoms of indoor, winter allergies are sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, coughing and postnasal drip, and itchy eyes, nose and throat.

During winter asthma is sometimes more prominent and more difficult to control; hay fever and allergies play up and I wont even start on the effect the cold has on Eczema for some of us. But we need to remember along with all the things in our home we use to keeps us warm – the house dust mite LOVES. Here are a few tips on how to control dust mites in your bedroom during winter.

Because of the increased time spent indoors during cool weather our bedroom can contribute to our allergies and eczema, especially mould, dust mites and animal dander. Fan forced heaters circulate, dust, dust mites and animal dander these allergens are increased because of the lack of ventilation in our homes and bedrooms which are closed up to keep the cold out. Remember to allow airflow and ventilation in your bedroom as humidity creates the ideal breeding place for dust mites.

Remove indoor rugs especially over concrete floors. Dust mites, mould and animal dander can become trapped in carpet and rugs, and dampness/moisture in the room can accumulate between the concrete and the rug, creating an environment for dust mites and mould. Minimize contact with pets and keep them out of the bedrooms to reduce the amount of dander allergen in the room.

We all love a warm doona however these are havens for dust mites The Australian Made Minijumbuk Doona is treated with Ultra Fresh and is Dust mite, mould and allergy free option for people with allergies who love to rug up.

Our new JellyFish pillow is 99.6% dust mite, mould, and allergy free; it is hypoallergenic and will assist in relieving breathing and allergy issues directly related to dust mite allergy in your pillow. Don’t cover up the dust mite problem in your pillow with covers, eliminate it with a dust mite free JellyFish pillow.

Wash all other bedding in hot water at least once a week to reduce the dust mite load in the bedding. Avoid down pillows and comforters, which form a liveable habitat for dust mites and can be trigger for allergies.

And finally, the mattress, in our other blogs we have discussed how disgusting our mattresses can be, however for those of us who have dust mite allergy it can be making us sick. Mattress protectors only cover the dust mite problem temporarily they are expensive and will eventually wear out. So, don’t keep covering up the dust mite problem eliminate it for good with a JellyFish Mattress.

The Jellyfish mattress is 99.6% dust mite free and stays that way for the life of the mattress. No need for allergy mattress protectors, sprays or bed liners anymore the whole mattress is an anti-allergy mattress no dust mites, no mould, no bacteria no allergens ever! Give yourself some relief from dust mite allergy today, invest in a JellyFish mattress and pillow and get some well-earned sleep through winter.

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