Prevents Your Dust Mite & Hay Fever Triggers

Dust Mites feed off mould, fungi and bacteria. With no food source and anti-microbial foam, they can’t live or breed keeping our mattress 99.6% dust mite free!

Prevents Your Asthma Triggers

The most common trigger of asthma? The house dust mite!

Lucky you won’t have to sleep with any on a JellyFish Mattress!

Prevents Your Allergy Triggers

No more puffy itchy eyes, runny nose or scratchy throat!

With Ultra Fresh anti-mircobial, anti-bacterial treatment our mattress helps to keep your sleep allergy free every night.

Prevents Your Eczema

Eczema is commonly linked to house dust mite allergens, moulds and bacteria – none of which grow or live in our mattress!

Sleep Easy, Breathe Easy on a JellyFish Mattress

Just in case you needed another reason to try, here’s another 4:

  • “The supportive foam layer provides the firmness to hold and support the body and spine, whilst the top layer allows accommodation of the body’s shape thus maintaining spinal alignment” – Dr Sean Dillon, Chiropractor
  • The 2 layered high density foam gives you the choice to sleep on a medium (6) or firm (8) support surface.
  • The removable cover allows for easy machine washing for an even more hygienic sleep.
  • No bouncy coils or pocket springs, means no partner disturbance for an uninterrupted nights’ sleep.

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