Prevents Your Dust Mite & Hay Fever Triggers

Dust Mites feed off mould, fungi and bacteria. With no food source and anti-microbial foam, they can’t live or breed keeping our mattress 99.6% dust mite free!

Prevents Your Allergy Triggers

No more puffy itchy eyes, runny nose or scratchy throat!

With Ultra Fresh anti-mircobial, anti-bacterial treatment our mattress helps to keep your sleep allergy free every night.

Prevents Your Asthma Triggers

The most common trigger of asthma? The house dust mite!

Lucky you won’t have to sleep with any on a JellyFish Mattress!

Prevents Your Eczema

Eczema is commonly linked to house dust mite allergens, moulds and bacteria – none of which grow or live in our mattress!

Could not be happier with our Jellyfish mattress. My 5 year old daughter suffers from asthma which is often triggered from dust mites. She hasn’t had a full night sleep in her own bed for over 3 years, often waking irritated. It’s been over a month since the arrival of our Jellyfish mattress and my daughter has slept through the night since it’s arrival. Her allergies are under control, her asthma non existent and she is a new kid – well rested and happier! Could not recommend this mattress enough!

Jenni B

Recently purchased a Jellyfish mattress and have had the best night’s sleep since. No longer sneezing or getting a runny nose when I hop into bed. It is so comfortable and I feel refreshed when I wake up. I definitely recommend this as your next mattress purchase.

Rachel J

Would highly recommend these mattresses. My son is off the charts allergic to dust mites. I discovered this wonderful Australian company who we purchased my son a mattress from. So pleased to say he no longer wakes sneezing and sniffling with puffy eyes. Not once has he done so since. Almost too good to be true. Great customer service also. Easy to contact and responsive and great prompt delivery. Easy to assemble and ready to use immediately. I will be upgrading all our mattresses in the future. Thank you Jellyfish 😄

Marnie L

Meet the JellyFish Pillow

Sleep Allergy, Asthma and Eczema Free.

Dust Mite Free. Mould Free. Bacteria Free. Fungi Free.

Pillows available now!

Sleep Easy, Breathe Easy on a JellyFish Mattress

Just in case you needed another reason to try, here’s another 4:

  • “The supportive foam layer provides the firmness to hold and support the body and spine, whilst the top layer allows accommodation of the body’s shape thus maintaining spinal alignment” – Dr Sean Dillon, Chiropractor
  • The 2 layered high density foam gives you the choice to sleep on a medium (6) or firm (8) support surface.
  • The removable cover allows for easy machine washing for an even more hygienic sleep.
  • No bouncy coils or pocket springs, means no partner disturbance for an uninterrupted nights’ sleep.

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